8 Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli airstrikes following Syrian rocket attacks

IDF responds to Syrian rocket fire on northern Israel, hitting mortars and military infrastructure, killing eight.

By World Israel News Staff

At least eight Syrian soldiers were killed early Wednesday morning after IDF fighter jets struck military targets in southwestern Syria, in response to rocket attacks on northern Israel.

Two rockets were launched from southern Syria towards northern Israel late Tuesday night, setting off air raid sirens in the Golan Heights, including the towns of Neot GOlan, Bnei Yehuda, and Givat Yoav.

Both of the rockets landed in open areas, the IDF said, and no damage or injuries were reported.

In response, the IDF struck back with artillery fire directed at the launch sites in Syria.

In addition, Israel Air Force jets pounded military infrastructure in and around Daraa in southwestern Syria.

According to reports by Syria’s SANA, eight soldiers were killed in the Israeli strikes, with seven more wounded.

On Wednesday afternoon, Arab media outlets reported that Israeli warplanes had bombed Syria’s Aleppo International Airport.

Israel has carried out multiple airstrikes on Syrian targets since the war with Hamas broke out following the October 7th invasion.

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Prior to Wednesday IDF has been implicated in airstrikes at both the Damascus and Aleppo airports on three separate occasions since October 7th, making today’s strike the fourth such attack.

The airports have served as transfer points supplies for pro-Iranian militia in Syria, and for the Hezbollah terrorist organization in southern Lebanon.