American tourist assaulted after giving Nazi salute in Germany

An American tourist in Germany was punched after raising his arm to give the Nazi salute in Dresden.

A drunken American man was punched by a passerby as he gave the stiff-armed Nazi salute multiple times in downtown Dresden, German police said.

Dresden police said Sunday the 41-year-old, whose name and hometown weren’t given for privacy reasons, suffered minor injuries in the Saturday assault.

The American, who is under investigation for violating Germany’s laws against the display of Nazi symbols or slogans, had an extremely high blood alcohol level, the police said.

His assailant fled the scene, and is being sought for causing bodily harm.

It’s the second time this month that tourists have gotten themselves into legal trouble for giving the Nazi salute.

On August 5, two Chinese tourists were caught taking photos of themselves while making the gesture in front of Berlin’s Reichstag building.

By: AP