Australia appoints antisemitism czar

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appoints special envoy to combat antisemitism in Australia.

By World Israel News Staff

Australia’s prime minister has appointed the country’s first ever envoy for combatting antisemitism, amid a spike in anti-Jewish incidents during the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas terror organization.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese tapped attorney and businesswoman Jillian Segal to serve as “special envoy to combat antisemitism in Australia” for the next three years.

“There is no place for violence or hatred of any kind in Australia,” said Albanese, as Australia, like some European countries, has faced a spike in antisemitic incidents in its major metropolitan areas since last October.

“Australians are deeply concerned about this conflict, and many are hurting. In times like this, Australians must come together, not be torn apart.”

Albanese also said that his Labour government would soon be rolling out the appointment of a special envoy to combat anti-Islamic sentiment.

“That will be important as well, working with that community to promote social cohesion.”

Upon her appointment Tuesday, Segal cited reports of a 700% rise in the number of antisemitic incidents in Australia following the October 7th invasion of southwestern Israel, adding that even nine months after the invasion, antisemitic incidents are occurring at rates 400-500% higher than before the war began.

“Jewish Australians want to feel free to live their day-to-day lives and also want to feel safe to practice and express their religion without fear. They also want to be able to contribute as they have previously to the vibrant multicultural society that we value in Australia,” said Segal.

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“I look forward to working with stakeholders across the community to deliver a safer future for my community, and to strengthen social cohesion and drive a strong, informed and deliberate approach to combating Antisemitism.”