Biden: Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel hecklers ‘have a point’

Biden said protesters who accused him of being complicit in genocide “had a point.”

By World Israel News Staff

President Joe Biden told a group of pro-Palestinian hecklers who disrupted his campaign event on Tuesday evening that they “had a point” regarding the ongoing Israeli war against Hamas.

Biden, who is under intense pressure from some Democratic voters to stymie Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip, was interrupted by pro-Palestinian activists during a speech in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When Biden spoke about healthcare in the U.S., the protesters shouted “What about the healthcare in Gaza?”

According to an NBC News report, the activists continued shouting at Biden, claiming that hospitals were being bombed and asserting that the president was “complicit in genocide.”

Biden chose his words carefully when responding to the disruption, telling the audience to “be patient” with the demonstrators.

After they were escorted out, Biden said that the protesters “have a point,” adding that “we need to get a lot more care into Gaza.”

He did not acknowledge the fact that significant amounts of humanitarian aid are seized by the Hamas terror group, and that aid trucks are regularly robbed and raided by armed men.

While Biden originally expressed for support for Israel in the aftermath of the unprecedented October 7th massacres perpetrated by Hamas, he has sharpened his criticism of Jerusalem in recent months.

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Biden deemed Israel’s military response to the atrocities “over the top,” and said that a potential Israeli incursion into the Hamas stronghold of Rafah as being a “red line” for Washington.

In Michigan, a swing state with a large Arab population, more than 100,000 Democratic voters launched a protest vote against Biden due to the ongoing war.

On their state’s Democratic primary ballots, they marked “uncommitted” – meaning that they would not guarantee that they will vote for Biden in the November 2024 presidential election.

A similar initiative in Minnesota – which has a large Somali Muslim population – also saw nearly 1 in 5 Democratic voters pledging to do the same.