‘Confront terrorists instead of mourning them’ – Israeli envoy tells UN

“Stop eulogizing terrorists. Start standing up to them,” says Ambassador Gilad Erdan to UN Secretary-General, who signed memorial book for the “Butcher of Tehran.”

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s Ambassador the United Nations slammed the body’s chief leader for signing a memorial book for late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, arguing that as the Secretary-General of the UN, he should take a hard stance against terror.

“Antonio Guterres, while you write your condolences for a mass-murdering terror-supporting tyrant, do you bother to give any thought to the thousands he murdered?” wrote Ambassador Gilad Erdan on his X account.

“You bow your head in mourning as the Iranian people continue to be oppressed and the Ayatollah’s proxies rain death and destruction across the region,” he added.

“Stop eulogizing terrorists. Start standing up to them.”

Raisi was killed in a helicopter accident last week, alongside Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

Dubbed the “Butcher of Tehran,” Raisi was personally involved in arresting and persecuting Iranian citizens with differing political views from the hardline Islamic government.

Some 5,000 to 30,000 people are believed to have been summarily executed or sentenced to death as part of the 1988 purge, in which Raisi played a critical role.

On Thursday, the UN General Assembly observed a moment of silence for Raisi, sparking outrage from Erdan.

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“You read correctly, the UN Security Council today held a moment’s silence to remember a mass murder, Iranian President Raisi,” Erdan said in a video statement posted on his X account.

“This body, which makes no effort to free our hostages, tipped their heads today to a man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands in Iran, in Israel, and around the world.”

“What’s next? A minute of silence on the anniversary of Hitler’s death?” Erdan added.

He stressed that the UN Security Council has become “a danger to world peace.”