Egyptian security official to mediate between Fatah and Hamas

Hamas and Fatah remain split on implementation of reconciliation agreement. An Egyptian official has arrived in Gaza to help sort out the differences.

By: World Israel News Staff

A top official from the Egyptian Intelligence Services has arrived in Gaza in an effort to prevent the unraveling of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah.  Last month Egypt brokered the deal, but the two sides have been feuding over implementation.

According to the Hamas linked al-Rai news site, Gen. Hamam Abu Zeid entered the Gaza Strip at the Erez Crossing to Gaza, where he was greeted by the Hamas security chief Tawfiq Abu Naim. Palestinian officials say Abu Zeid is responsible for overseeing the Hamas handover of authority to the PA. According to the agreement, the transfer is due to be completed by December 1.

On Saturday, the head of PA civil affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, told Palestinian TV that Hamas has been preventing the Palestinian Authority (PA) government from taking charge in Gaza. According to Sheikh, Hamas continues to bar PA officials from collecting taxes and has stifled discussions on the transfer of security.

Hamas insists that it has already given the PA control over government ministries, authorities and crossings.  A major sticking point has been the Hamas refusal to turn over its arms to the PA.

Abu Zeid is expected to stay in Gaza for several days and may travel between meetings with Hamas officials in Gaza and PA leaders in Ramallah.