Election nailbiter: Trump needs 4 states to win but chances dwindling

Biden has more avenues to victory. Trump’s path to that number is tighter.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

There’s no clear winner as of Wednesday morning as the race boils down to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan.

Currently, the electoral college vote stands at 238 to 213 as Democratic challenger Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump. The magic number is 270.

Biden has more avenues to victory. Trump’s path to that number is tighter.

Trump needs to win at least four of the above listed states to reach 270, Bloomberg reports.

Those states, which he won in 2016, are not shoe-ins this time.

In Wisconsin, Biden enjoys a widening lead (49.6%-48.9%) with 95% of the vote counted.

In Michigan, Trump led 51.5% to 46.9% in the early morning hours on Wednesday with 82% of the vote in. However, Biden pulled ahead 49.6% to Trump’s 48.9% with 96% of the vote counted.

In North Carolina, Trump leads 50.1% to 48.7% with 94% of the vote counted.

In Georgia, Trump leads 50.5% to 48.3% with 94% of the vote tallied.

In Pennsylvania, Trump leads 55.8% to 43.1% with 64% of the vote counted. Recent changes to the voting rules in the state have made it a center of attention.

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Biden only needs to win Michigan and Wisconsin, assuming victory in Nevada where he’s ahead, to assure victory.

While Trump declared victory at around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, it appears to have been premature given the electoral map.

Biden showed more restraint. He said to supporters at a drive-in rally in Wilmington, Delaware, “Your patience is commendable. We knew this was gonna go long … maybe tomorrow morning, maybe even longer.”

CNN reports that millions of votes are still uncounted in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.