Ex-senator threatened to ‘beat up’ Biden for inappropriately touching his wife

Former senator recounts confronting Joe Biden after uncomfortable photo session in which the-then-VP nearly groped his wife’s buttocks.

By World Israel News Staff

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown confronted then-vice president Joe Biden and threatened him with physical harm after an uncomfortable incident between Biden and Brown’s wife that was captured on camera.

Brown described the incident on the news and political commentary Burn Barrel podcast, telling the host of the program that he had directly spoken to the now-president after his 2010 swearing-in to Congress.

At the time, Biden was president of the Senate and took photos with the new Republican lawmakers after the ceremony.

During the photo sessions, Biden draped his hand around the lower back of the senator’s wife, Gail Huff Brown, nearly grazing her buttocks. In pictures from the event, Huff Brown looks visibly uncomfortable.

Biden did not immediately take his hands off Huff Brown when the photography session ended.

Brown said that he’d noticed Biden’s infringement on his wife’s personal space and vocalized his displeasure. “I told him I’d kick the s-t out of… beat the… I told him to stop,” Brown recounted.

“He didn’t act the way I thought he should,” he said. “And, you know, we called him on it, and that’s it.”

Biden has a long history of inappropriately touching women, such as rubbing their shoulders, whispering in their ears and appearing to smell their hair, with many of the incidents documented during media events.

Notably, Brown said he did not think Biden was a sexual predator – rather, he blamed the behavior on what he said is “obvious” age-related cognitive degeneration.

“We all know people who have dementia and have the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and he’s got it,” Brown told Burn Barrel.

“I mean, it’s the walk. It’s the way he’s mumbling, his anger outbursts. And it’s a shame that we can’t do better in this great country.”