Force Israel to stop war with harsh sanctions: UN official

“Be sure: Israel will not stop this madness until WE make it stop,” says UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese.

By World Israel News Staff

Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Francesca Albanese urged the UN and international community to impose crippling sanctions on Israel, in order to force Jerusalem to end the ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip aimed at ousting Hamas from power and freeing Israeli captives held by the terror group for more than seven months.

Albanese claimed that a recent ruling from the International Court of Justice, which forbade Israel from conducting operations aimed at destroying the civilian population of Rafah, meant that the Israeli army is obligated to cease fighting in the city.

“Let’s be clear. As the ICJ orders Israel to stop its offensive in Rafah, Israel intensifies its attacks on it,” Albanese wrote on her X account.

“The news I am receiving from the people trapped therein are terrifying.

“Be sure: Israel will not stop this madness until WE make it stop. Member states must impose #sanctions, arms embargo and suspend diplo[matic]/political relations with Israel till it ceases its assault.”

Notably, Albanese mischaracterized the court’s ruling regarding the Rafah operation, which appeared to be deliberately ambiguous. Even the judges on the panel did not have a unanimous conclusion regarding how Israel should interpret the ruling.

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Israeli judicial officials and international jurists have interpreted the verdict as obligating Israel to abide by the Geneva Convention during the conflict, rather than a demand to immediately halt all military activity in the Strip.

Although Albanese’s position within the UN should ostensibly require her to be unbiased on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, she has repeatedly made antisemitic and anti-Israel comments that reveal her deep opposition to the Jewish State.

In February 2024, Albanese denied that the October 7th massacres were fundamentally antisemitic, tweeting that “the victims…were not killed because of their Judaism, but in response to Israel’s oppression.”

Albanese did not condemn the Hamas terror group for committing the brutal attack, which included acts of mass murder of elderly people and children, rape, and mutilation.

Rather, she stressed that “the international community did nothing to prevent” alleged Israeli oppression, and therefore shared blame for the deadliest terror attack in Israeli history.