Gal Gadot faces anti-Israel harassment over post about her newborn

One poster wrote, ‘I’m sure the pregnant Palestinian women in Gaza are having a much harder pregnancy than you did.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Israeli actress Gal Gadot posted about the birth of her fourth child, Ori on Instagram and became the target of anti-Israel hate.

The star famous for portraying Wonder Woman was confronted by virulently anti-Israel posters who conflated the birth of her baby with the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.

Gadot posted on Wednesday, “My sweet girl, welcome. The pregnancy was not easy and we made it through.”

“You have brought so much light into our lives, living up to your name, Ori, which means ‘my light’ in Hebrew,” she added. “Our hearts are full of gratitude. Welcome to the house of girls. Daddy is pretty cool too.”

The post received 3.5 million likes and most of the comments were courteous, but there were also abusive comments that stood out shockingly in contrast to the post celebrating a joyful event.

One poster wrote, “I’m sure the pregnant Palestinian women in Gaza are having a much harder pregnancy than you did.”

“Ate (sic) you happy that you are holding yr baby while you wished other mother could lose theirs and it happened according to your wishes. Be careful of what you wished for others. I hope your baby will not face the cruelty that you wished on Palestinian babies,” another poster commented.

A third wrote, “May Allah show you what you deserve…because now you have a child too!”

Gal Gadot has been staunchly supportive of her native country on many occasions, and has a number of posts expressing solidarity with Israelis since October 7th.

In addition, Gadot, unlike much of Hollywood, joined fellow Israeli Natalie Portman and others to sign a petition condemning the October 7th Hamas attacks against Israel.

On her Instagram platform, Gadot condemned the silence of women’s groups who refused to acknowledge or condemn the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas and other terrorists on and after October 7th.

Gadot posted to her 107 million followers, “The world has failed the women of October 7th,” despite having proof “within hours” of Hamas brutality, with the “first, blood-chilling video…of [German-Israeli music festival attendee] Shani Louk being paraded naked and defiled by her proud assailants.”