Gaza border protesters vow to continue blockade despite police order to evacuate

‘The nation of Israel will not be silent about this, and we will continue to arrive daily in order to stop this moral disgrace.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

After several weeks of protesters blocking trucks from bringing aid into Gaza, a military order has been issued to close the Nitzana Border Crossing between Egypt and Israel.

However, protesters said they are committed to continuing the blockade.

Demonstrators, who are interfering with the transfer of humanitarian aid to protest Hamas holding over 130 Israeli hostages in Gaza, reported that police erected a barbed wire fence on Monday.

Members of Torat Halehima and Mothers March organizations were presented with an order for a “closed military zone” at the Nitzana Crossing signed by IDF’s Southern Command, Yaron Finkelman.

Although the demonstrators were told to leave, a number of new protestors arrived at Nitzana Crossing in defiance of the order.

One of the protesters said, “Until now, we have succeeded in almost completely stopping the supply of aid to Hamas.”

They continued, “It is unthinkable that the War Cabinet, Chief of Staff, and command chief are blocking civilians who care, among them families of soldiers, only in order to allow aid to [reach] the enemy during wartime.”

The protesters then discussed the plight of the hostages and made reference to footage released by the IDF yesterday of Shiri Bibas (34) and her two young children, Kfir (1) and Ariel (4) being led by Hamas captors shortly after they were kidnapped on October 7th.

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“This is even more serious considering that only yesterday night, footage was published of the kidnapping of the Bibas family, who are languishing in tunnels with the rest of the hostages and being forced to survive on a quarter of a pita a day,” the protester said.

“The nation of Israel will not be silent about this, and we will continue to arrive daily in order to stop this moral disgrace.”

Although protesters blocking humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza have been targeted by international criticism, many of them express the moral outrage at the fact that the Israeli government has granted permission to allow more aid trucks in at a time when they believe more pressure should be applied on Hamas to release hostages.