Hamas murders aid workers, steals Gazans’ food: PA report

Hamas terrorists kill humanitarian aid workers, hoard food meant for civilians, according to Palestinian Authority report.

By World Israel News Staff

A news outlet controlled by the Palestinian Authority reported that its bitter political rival, Hamas, is intentionally manufacturing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza by killing aid workers and stealing food meant for citizens.

The bombshell claims were made by a news anchor on PA-controlled Awdah News, a program which was then posted on the PA’s official Facebook page.

According to an Arabic-language translation by MEMRI, the report states that Hamas “attacked and killed” numerous aid workers in order to prevent entities other than Hamas from distributing humanitarian goods in the Strip, and to “ensure Hamas control over humanitarian aid and its storage.”

Hamas’ seize of humanitarian goods has led to “these crazy and unreal prices” for food “that nobody can pay.”

Following Israeli bombings of Hamas warehouses, it was clear that Hamas had accumulated “tons of various food and aid products” that were intended to be distributed among the civilian population.

The hoarding of the supplies by the terror group is especially heinous considering that it is occurring “at a time when the Gaza Strip is suffering from hunger,” the reporter added.

The report then included a clip of an elderly Gazan woman complaining that Hamas is taking the aid “to their own homes,” rather than helping the public.

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In reference to the danger posed by speaking out against the terror group to the media, the woman added “Let Hamas catch me and shoot me. They can do what they want to me.”

The Biden administration has repeatedly blamed Israel for its alleged failure to allow sufficient amounts of aid to enter the Strip, yet it has been silent regarding widespread reports of Hamas interfering with the distribution of the aid.