Palestinians arrested for shooting at Israelis during wedding

Palestinians celebrate wedding by shooting at Jewish community. There were no reported injuries. 

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

Israeli forces operated in the city of Hebron on Wednesday night and arrested eight Arab terrorists suspected of shooting at an Israeli community in the area while attending a wedding celebration.

On June 22, shots were fired at Israeli houses located in the Givat Gal neighborhood near the city of Hebron.

Following the shooting, the police opened an investigation during which evidence was collected against the suspects. The eight suspects were arrested and a search of their homes exposed ammunition and other evidence linking them to the shooting.

The police’s preliminary investigation shows that the shooting was carried out during a wedding the eight attended, when and at some point the shooting in the air by the revelers was directed at the Israelis’ houses.

In related news, the IDF and other Israeli security forces conducted counterterrorism activities on Wednesday night in a number of locations in Judea and Samaria, including in the villages of Jiftilik, Beit Hasan, Beit Daku, and the city of Qalqiliya.

The forces operated in the villages of Noor al-Shams and Silat al-Harithiya in Samaria and arrested three wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities.

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During the operation, a violent disturbance developed during which rioters threw rocks and explosives at the troops, who responded with gunfire. Injuries were detected.

Israeli forces also operated in the villages of Al Khader, Jabal Mawalah, Halhul and the Daheisha refugee camp in the area of ​​the Gush Etzion area south of Jerusalem, and arrested seven wanted persons.

During the activity, disturbances developed in several locations, during which dozens of rioters threw stones at the forces, who responded with measures to disperse the demonstrations.

The IDF forces also operated in the city of Shechem (Nablus) and arrested two wanted suspects. The forces also operated in the area of ​​Joseph’s Tomb to improve security positions in the complex, which has been the target of terror attacks in recent months.

Troops also operated tonight in the city of Hebron and in the village of Wadi Siman in the area, arresting 10 more wanted persons and confiscating ammunition.

A total of 22 wanted persons were arrested throughout Judea and Samaria

There were no Israeli casualties in any of the incidents.

The arrests were made as part of Operation Wave Breaker, Israel’s counterterrorism operation following several deadly terror attacks that the country experienced in recent months.