Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: ‘Israel has been defeated’

The Bidenites still do not realize that Israel’s fight is our fight, that Israel’s defeat would be our defeat.

By Hugh Fitzgerald, Frontpage Magazine

Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah declares that the pressure of the Bidenites on Israel to change its method of fighting in Gaza could lead to Hamas still standing in Rafah, and Israel being seen as having “lost the war”: “Hezbollah chief boasts of US pressure ending Gaza conflict: ‘Israel has been defeated,’” by Peter Aitken, Fox News, April 5, 2024:

“Netanyahu is neither capable to [sic] destroy Hamas nor capable to release the captives held in Gaza,” Nasrallah said, according to reports. He added that “Israeli atrocities in Gaza are out of failure [sic] and lack of options.”…

Netanyahu, despite Nasrallah’s claim, is capable of destroying what remains of Hamas — the four intact battalions in Rafah, and two more battalions in central Gaza that have lost many men but have not yet been dismantled.

What is now holding things up in Rafah is the Bidenites’ demand that the IDF provide a “detailed” and “credible” plan for what it will do with the more than one million Gazans who fled to Rafah from the north of Gaza in order to assure their own safety.

Iran wanted initially to remain in the background as the war began, but with the passing of time, it is more willing to discuss Iran’s support for Hamas, and Tehran’s pride in how long the terror group has been able to withstand the IDF onslaught.

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It is now openly taking partial credit for Hamas’ achievements as being those of the Iran-led “Axis of Resistance.”

Now Nasrallah, as Iran’s mouthpiece, is repeating the warning Tehran first issued after the killing of the IRGC commander, Mohamed Reza Zahedi, in a building next to the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, that was described as being Iran’s “consulate” but was, in fact, the headquarters for the IRGC in Syria.

“Be certain that Iran’s response to the targeting of the Damascus consulate is inevitable,” Nasrallah proclaimed, insisting that Hezbollah “does not fear war and is fully prepared for any war.”

Nasrallah has always been the boastful miles gloriosus, threatening to wreak a terrible vengeance on Israel, but he is a chocolate soldier so frightened of the Israelis that every other day he changes the place where he spends the night.

He admits this, famously proclaiming “even I don’t know where I am sleeping tonight.”

“Pivoting on our staunch support of Israel has far-reaching consequences that will far outlast this current war and the tenure of the current leaders,” Lisa Daftari, a Middle East expert and Editor-in-Chief of The Foreign Desk, told Fox News Digital….

Lisa Daftari recognizes that the Bidenites’ abandonment of Israel — “pivoting on our staunch support” of Israel is how she puts it — will have major consequences long after the quarrelsome Biden and the steadfast Netanyahu are gone.

It may mean that Israel will be on its own in any future conflict with Iran, and this naturally alarms her.

And she notes, too, that it is not only Israel’s existence that is now at stake, but also the ability of the West to withstand such terror groups as Hamas and Hezbollah.

As Israel goes, so goes the West. Its victories will strengthen us, its defeats will weaken us.

“President Biden’s warnings to Bibi are being heard loudest and clearest by our enemies who are relishing [sic] in the thought of Israel being abandoned by the U.S. His remarks made the U.S. that much more vulnerable to such attacks,” Daftari concluded….

What is it exactly that has made Biden so upset with Israel?

Has Israel not managed to achieve a ratio of civilian-to-combatant deaths of 1:1, a ratio never achieved by any other army in the history of warfare?

Isn’t it Hamas, and not Israel, that is making outrageous demands in the negotiations about another hostage-for-prisoner assault, by insisting on the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Gaza?

When Biden calls on Israel to be especially careful to protect civilian lives, what in god’s name does he think Israel has been doing these past six months, with millions of leaflets, and messages, and prerecorded phone calls, all used to warn civilians away from danger — something the American army never did in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or indeed in any other war it has fought in?

What makes Biden upset is the prospect of losing the presidency, by losing what he has been told is the “battleground state” of Michigan, where Muslim voters are noisily determined to “punish” Biden for being insufficiently anti-Israel, as he has not yet cut off weapons sales to the Jewish state.

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He thinks he can’t afford to lose those Muslim voters, not just in Michigan but also in a few other states where the race will be tight and he’s been told that disaffected Muslim voters must be won back.

It appears Biden has been hornswoggled by some “progressive Democrats” into believing the Muslim voters may be key in Michigan, but it’s nonsense. Muslims make up just 1% of the population in Michigan.

Both Hezbollah, and Iran, have publicly declared that Israel has already “lost the war in Gaza,” because of Biden’s distancing himself from the Jewish state, and engaging in threats that have caused the IDF to move from a heavy reliance on airstrikes to man-to-man combat inside cities and tunnels, resulting in much greater losses of IDF soldiers.

Biden and Blinken have also prevented, for at least a month, an assault on Rafah that ought to have taken place just as soon as Hamas in Khan Yunis had been crushed.

If that attack comes, it will be far less effective than it would have been without such a delay.

The Bidenites still do not realize that Israel’s fight is our fight, that Israel’s defeat would be our defeat.

They do not understand that the Muslim fanatics of Iran have no intention of stopping with the destruction of Israel.

They have their sights set on the entire Middle East, and then on Europe, and then on the whole Infidel world, which belongs to Allah. Read the Qur’an.