Israel formulates plan to boost Palestinian economy

Never losing hope for a peaceful future, Israel will set in motion a new plan to improve the Palestinian economy. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israel’s Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has met several times with his Palestinian counterpart Shukri Bishara in recent weeks to draw up a plan for boosting Israeli economic assistance to the Palestinians, Kol Israel Radio reported Monday.

According to the report, Kahlon is expected to present the new initiatives to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for approval in the coming days.

The proposal focuses on the development of Palestinian industries such as healthcare and high-tech, as well as expanding Israeli-Palestinian economic integration in the construction sector.

Officials in Israel said the measure is intended in part as a gesture to the Obama administration, after Netanyahu promised President Barack Obama last November to expand efforts to bolster the Palestinian economy.

Likewise, several Israeli military officials believe that more economic opportunities for the Palestinians would bring to a curb in the wave of Palestinian violence Israel has been experiencing in the past six months.

The new plan reportedly includes new study and internship opportunities for Palestinian tech entrepreneurs and engineers in Israel’s world-class high-tech industry, and expanded openings for Palestinian construction companies and contractors to operate in the Israeli market.