Israel shuts down for Yom Kippur amid high security alert

Authorities have received 80 warnings or intelligence tip-offs of possible terror attacks.

By David Hellerman, World Israel News

As Israel prepared for Yom Kippur, security forces remained on a higher state of alert. According to Hebrew media reports, authorities have received more than 80 warnings or intelligence tip offs of possible terror attacks.

The IDF will impose a closure on Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip during the 24-hour holiday, a standard security precaution.

According to Shin Bet statistics released on Monday, some 172 terror incidents — including 23 shooting attacks — occurred in Judea and Samaria in September.

Following a wave of Palestinian terror attacks in the spring that killed 19 people, the IDF launched Operation Wave Breaker, doubling its presence in Judea and Samaria from 13 battalions to 26. In five months, Israeli security forces have arrested more than 1,600 terror suspects and foiled hundreds of attacks.

Also during Yom Kippur, Israel will close its airspace. Flights in and out of Ben Gurion Airport will end on Tuesday afternoon and resume on Wednesday evening. Border crossings will also be closed.

Public transportation and television and radio broadcasts will taper off and end by sundown as well.

Despite the closures, emergency response services will be on call.