Knesset member thanks Netanyahu for allowing Temple Mount visit in honor of son’s wedding

Member of Knesset Yehudah Glick, a staunch defender of all faiths’ right to pray on the Temple Mount, was thankful to PM Netanyahu for permitting his visit the holy site with his son on the young man’s wedding day.

On Wednesday, Israeli lawmaker Yehudah Glick prepared for his son Shlomo’s wedding. Among these preparations was a special father-son visit to the Temple Mount, which required special dispensation from the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Glick, a Member of Knesset from the Likud party, is a longstanding advocate of freedom of religion and prayer on the Temple Mount. In 2015, a former member of Islamic Jihad, Mutaz Hijazi, carried out an attempted assassination on Glick to violently protest non-Muslim prayer on the Temple Mount. Hijazi called Glick an “enemy of Al-Aqsa,” a reference to the mosque that was built atop the site of the Jewish temple centuries after its destruction.

Earlier in October, Glick made headlines for visiting a Muslim friend in Hebron during the Islamic holiday of Eid. At that time, Glick called for Muslims and Jews “to live here in peace,” wishing his Muslim friends and neighbors “Happy Eid.” The friend that Glick visited, Muhammad Sabir Jabir, was subsequently arrested by Palestinian Authority forces, notwithstanding the lack of clear charges or evidence of any actual criminal violations.

In gratitude for the wedding day visit on Wednesday, Glick tweeted his thanks to the prime minister and posted photos of him and his son on the Temple Mount. The visit represents an exception to Israeli policy of generally prohibiting members of the Knesset from ascending the Temple Mount.

By: World Israel News