Hotel rejects Israeli guest’s reservation, accusing him of ‘war crimes’

Kyoto hotel under fire for accusing IDF of ‘war crimes,’ cancelling Israeli man’s reservations citing possible ‘ties to the IDF.’

By World Israel News Staff

A Japanese hotel is under fire after it accused the Israeli military of war crimes in the Gaza Strip and cancelled an Israeli man’s reservations because of the ongoing Gaza war.

On Friday, Kyoto officials condemned the Hotel Material in the city’s Higashiyama Ward, after hotel employees nixed an Israeli man’s reservation and informed him that the venue could not do business with him due to alleged war crimes in Gaza and his possible ties to the IDF.

Israel’s Tokyo embassy confirmed that earlier this month, the tourist in question was informed by the hotel via the messenger application Whatsapp that his reservation had been cancelled.

“We are sorry to inform you that, due to war crimes being committed by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) members in the conflict taking place in Gaza between Israel and Palestine, we are not able to accept reservations from persons we believe might have ties to the Israeli army,” the message read.

After receiving he message, the tourist informed the Israeli embassy in Japan, which protested the hotel’s behavior, calling it a “clear case of discrimination that is not in line with Japan’s business law.”

“This serious incident appears to be due to an employee’s personal political views and is unacceptable by any measure. It is crucial that the hotel takes this issue seriously to prevent further harm and to uphold the values of respect and equality.”

The city of Kyoto launched an investigation into the incident, concluding that the hotel did not have “a legitimate reason for denying accommodation,” warning the hotel that it’s cancellation was in violation of Japanese law.

Japan’s Foreign Minister, Yoko Kamikawa, also criticized the hotel, calling its refusal to serve the customer “unacceptable.”

“We hope all visitors to Japan will be able to engage in various activities in Japan feeling secure.”