Lebanese ex-spy framed actor accused of aiding Israel

A Lebanese actor who was charged with spying for the Mossad was framed by a former Lebanese Internal Security Forces officer. 

By: World Israel News Staff

A former Lebanese Internal Security Forces officer has falsified charges against a Lebanese actor arrested for spying for Israel, Arab media reported Saturday.

In November, Ziad Itani, a Lebanese actor and writer, was indicted on charges of collaborating with Israel and possessing drugs.

On Friday, Colonel Suzan El-Hajj, the former director of the cyber crimes bureau in the Lebanese army, was arrested as part of the investigation, Al Arabiya reported.

She was arrested for her alleged role in falsifying charges against Itani, having “used the services of a hacker to fake conversations, so as to accuse Ziad Itani of having had communications with an Israeli girl,” according to a source close to the case, Al Arabiya added.

Itani was accused of collaborating with an Israeli female spy to collect information about Lebanese politicians and journalists.

According to interrogation leaks, Itani has reportedly collaborated with a Mossad agent to gather information about political developments following Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation, and specifically about an ally of the prime minister.

Itani had reportedly admitted to the charges.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq announced Friday that Itani is “innocent,” and that a former Internal Security Forces officer is being interrogated over “fabricating” the case of his spying for Israel.

Mashnouq also said the Lebanese should apologize to Itani. “Innocence is not enough. Pride in him and his patriotism is the only firm truth,” Mashnouq tweeted, slamming those who allegedly framed Itani as “spiteful, foolish and sectarian,” Lebanon’s Naharnet news reported.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Saturday said the case “must not be exploited for tarnishing the role of the judiciary and security forces,” Hariri’s media office said.

“The case is in the hands of judicial and security bodies which assume their responsibilities in accordance with the laws away from any politicization,” the PM said.