Muslim arrested for building snow rocket on Temple Mount, displaying Hamas flag

At the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City, Arabs flew a PLO flag and threw rocks at police.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

A Muslim man was arrested by Jerusalem’s police on Thursday after he was caught building a rocket from snow and displaying a Hamas flag on the Temple Mount.

Footage of the incident seen by TPS shows a man building a rocket-shaped snow figure, with the letters “M-75” etched on it in black, and Hamas’ green flag wrapped around it.

Police forces were alerted to the site and arrested a suspect. His identity is unknown.

The M-75, a medium-range missile based on the Iranian Fajr-5 rocket, is produced in the Gaza Strip and was used in attacks on Tel Aviv. Hamas has produced the M-75 rockets using the drawings and documentation supplied by Iran.

The incident on the Temple Mount was the latest of several violent incidents perpetrated by Arabs against Jews during the storm that blanketed Jerusalem in snow on Wednesday night.

At the Damascus Gate entrance to the Old City, Arabs took to the city’s walls, flew a PLO flag and threw rocks at police.

Similarly, police forces clashed with Arab rioters on Wednesday night in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The terrorists apparently took advantage of the stormy weather in the capital to attack Israelis.

The rioters attacked police forces, municipality tractors working to clean the roads of the falling snow, and the light rail train system.

Police deployed massive forces and arrested 22 rioters.

One of the suspects was arrested after throwing stones at the light rail in the north of the city, and another suspect was apprehended after throwing a stone at a policewoman who was injured but did not require medical attention.

Additional suspects were also arrested for violating the order in the A-Tor neighborhood.