Netanyahu visits Gaza border: ‘I’ve instructed forces to prepare for a broad campaign’

Netanyahu visited the Gaza border where he received security assessments amid the ongoing tensions with Hamas.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also acting defense minister, visited the Gaza border on Thursday morning as tensions remain high after terrorists launched a rocket that struck an Israeli home in central Israel on Sunday.

Netanyahu said after meeting with Israel Defense Force commanders: “We are tightening the security ring around the Gaza Strip.”

“In the past few days, I have instructed forces, to add tools, to be prepared for a broad campaign,” Netanyahu said. “All citizens of Israel know that if we need a broad campaign, we will enter into it strong and confident – and after we’ve exhausted all other options.”

Netanyahu also praised U.S. President Donald Trump for formally recognizing Israeli control on the Golan Heights in Israel’s north. “We’re operating on several fronts at the same time. Not far from here is the Golan Heights, where President Trump recognized our sovereignty over three days ago,” Netanyahu said.

“Beyond the Golan Heights is Syria and also Iran. Iran is constantly trying to bring long-range precision missiles into Syria, very advanced and very lethal. We won’t have it and our action against Iran’s attempts to entrench militarily in Syria are ongoing at all times,” he said.

Iran also supports Hamas, the terrorist rulers of the Gaza Strip. After three rockets were launched at Israel on Tuesday night, Hamas denied responsibility. It later blamed Iran for ordering another terror group the Islamic Republic supports, the Islamic Jihad, to carry out the strike.

Israel launched some 80 air strikes in response overnight Tuesday going into Wednesday morning across the Gaza Strip, hitting Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets and destroying the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

According to Israeli daily Ma’ariv quoting the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, the Egyptians are holding marathon meetings with Palestinian terror factions in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to prevent a major military confrontation.