Orthodox Jew hospitalized after Brooklyn beating, witnessed by 5-year-old son

Police are searching for the perpetrators, who assaulted the man in his car in front of his child.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

A religious Jew was hospitalized Wednesday after taking a beating in his parked car in a heavily Orthodox section of Brooklyn, New York, witnessed by his young son.

According to a Yeshiva World News report of the attack, the victim was named as Yossy Hershkop, a healthcare manager and well-known community activist. He was with his five-year-old boy on a side street when the afternoon attack occurred.

In asking for help in finding the perpetrators, the Crown Heights chapter of Shomrim, a Jewish security organization, released footage of the attack. Three men can be seen standing at the driver’s window of a dark sedan, and two of them start hitting Hershkop.

In the beginning, it seems that the driver is fighting back from his seated position, as the assailants jump back a few times, but then the pair can be seen raining blows for a few seconds on their victim.

Two other men walk across the street toward the fracas and just stand there watching before the attackers turn away, get into a silver-colored car a few feet away, and drive off. The other men walk away.

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Hershkop is currently in stable condition, with injuries to his face.

State and city officials and fellow activists reacted with sorrow and anger to the attack.

“I am stunned & outraged,” tweeted Chaskel Bennett, a fellow community activist and member of the Board of Trustees of Agudath Israel.

“Yossy is truly one of the good guys. A bridge builder to the Black community & a respected activist who does wonderful communal work. We are sick & tired of seeing this type of violence repeated over & over on Jewish victims. Condemnations aren’t enough.”

New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie wrote in response, “Absolutely heartbreaking & unacceptable to hear @yossy770  was assaulted. We delivered food to NYCHA tenants at the height of COVID-19 together & have co-sponsored anti-violence events in the district. He is a real leader.”

New York City Council member Rita Joseph, a black representative of the district that includes Crown Heights, condemned the attack as well.

“The perpetrators of this violence MUST face justice: this cannot stand. Praying for the family of @yossi 770,” she tweeted.

There have been numerous attacks recently on visibly Jewish men in New York City, which has seen antisemitic assaults skyrocket over the last year. In a span of one week in May, one man was attacked while walking with his children in Williamsburg, and another was also assaulted in Crown Heights.

In a third case, a young man was punched by two teenaged assailants while walking on a Flatbush street after he refused to say “Free Palestine.” The two were arrested in June and charged with third-degree assault as a hate crime.