Gaza terrorists fire rocket at Israel for second consecutive night

For the second night in a row, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket at Israel.

Palestinian terrorists based in Gaza fired a rocket toward southern Israel on Sunday night. The rocket exploded in an open space in the Eshkol region, causing no injuries or damage.

The alarm system in Israel did not go off, and IDF forces are searching for the projectile.

In response, an IDF tank shelled a post belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the southern Gaza strip.

Israel holds Hamas, which rules the Strip, responsible for any attacks launched from Gaza.

This attack comes just a day after another rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel, exploding in an open space as well.

Since Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, there have been multiple rocket attacks from Gaza. Dozens of projectiles have exploded in Israeli territory, often prompting an Israeli response.

By: World Israel News Staff