PLO official: Too soon for direct talks with Israel

The PLO’s chief representative in the US said that it “might be a bit too early” for direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 

The Chief Representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to the United States, Husam S. Zomlot, said it was too soon for Israel and Palestinian Authority (PA) officials to talk directly in the framework of a peace process.

“Putting everybody together in the room, as it was discussed a few weeks ago, might be a bit too early,” Zomlot said during an address to the Arab Center in Washington, DC, according to the Times of Israel.

Nevertheless, Zomlot expressed a sense of encouragement among Palestinians from the Trump administration’s peace efforts so far, in particular from Trump’s adviser Jason Greenblatt, who recently visited the region.

“This is a good approach: listening, learning what is happening exactly, absorbing,” Zomlot said, referring to Greenblatt’s trip. “We believe this might be the right approach.”

Zomlot said Trump’s commitment to help reach a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as his meeting in Washington, DC with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas helped bring about “renewed Palestinian hopes.”

“We do have reasons to be optimistic and we do have reasons to be determined,” he continued.

Zomlot also stressed that the two-state solution should remain the end goal of any peace process.

“The best way for peace to materialize is the two-state solution,” Zomlot said, according to Reuters.

The PLO representative also suggested that negotiations between Israel and the PA should begin without a pre-determined plan.

“We have had so many plans that did not work, so perhaps if we start without a plan, it might work,” he said.

By: World Israel News Staff