Terrorist armed with ax killed on Gaza border

An armed terrorist was killed as IDF forces clashed with Palestinians at the Israel-Gaza border.  

By: World Israel News Staff

IDF troops stationed on the border with Gaza on Monday stopped two terrorists who attempted to infiltrate Israeli territory while armed with an ax.

Identifying the infiltration attempt, IDF troops arrived at the scene and fired at the assailants, killing one of them. The other terrorist was wounded but managed to return to Gaza.

IDF forces scanned the area and searched for explosives the terrorists may have left behind.

Palestinian sources identified the dead terrorist as Ramzi Najjar of Khan Younis.

On Sunday night, IDF forces stationed near the border discovered an explosive device connected to a “Molotov kite” that flew in from the Strip. The explosive charge, found near Kerem Shalom, was safely dismantled.

Hours earlier, five Gazan Palestinians infiltrated Israeli territory and set fire to civilian storage containers in the area before returning to Gaza.

There were no Israeli casualties in any of these incidents.

These latest events occurred amid the daily violence on the Israel-Gaza border, orchestrated by Hamas, the Islamic terror group that rules the Strip and calls for Israel’s destruction.

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The IDF is preparing for an uptick in violence on Tuesday when the Palestinians mark Naksa Day (meaning “day of the setback” in Arabic), mourning Israel’s victory in the Six Day War.