Israeli ambassador denounces UN as a ‘terror organization’

“The UN has become a sort of terror organization, I have no better way of putting it,” said Ambassador Gilad Erdan.

By World Israel News Staff

The United Nations has become compromised by its sub-organizations that provide critical support to terror, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan told Hebrew-language media on Wednesday morning.

Speaking to Army Radio, Erdan charged that “the UN, since Israel withdrew from Gaza, has essentially become a collaborator with Hamas, and more than that, has become a terrorist entity of its own.”

When asked to elaborate on his remarks, Erdan clarified that he believed frequent and disproportionate targeting of Israel for alleged human rights violation in the forum underscored that the UN’s agenda is in line with that of the enemies of the Jewish state.

Erdan also noted that employees of the UNRWA office in Gaza, which is a UN-funded agency that was created to provide humanitarian aid, participated in the October 7th terror onslaught.

Despite clear evidence of UNRWA workers, who are technically on the UN payroll, kidnapping women and dead bodies – sometimes while using official UN vehicles – the UN has refused to disband the organization.

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“And thus the UN has partially become a sort of terror organization, I have no better way of putting it,” he added.

On Tuesday evening, Erdan announced that he had successfully lobbied the UN to hold its first ever discussion aimed at freeing the Israeli hostages in Gaza, who have been held captive for more than seven months.

“Following our relentless diplomatic effort, the Security Council will finally convene on Thursday…[for a meeting focused] solely on the situation of our hostages and ways to exert pressure for their release,” Erdan wrote on his X account.

“he Council will have to look into the eyes of Dr. Shoshan Haran, who was freed while her son-in-law Tal Shoham is still being held by the Hamas terrorists, and listen to Ayelet, the mother of the late Jonathan Samerano whose body was kidnapped by UNRWA workers,” he continued.

“The Council must realize that Israel will not stop until all the hostages are released and that the address for applying pressure is ONLY the terrorist organization Hamas!”