White House-PA rift may sideline Trump peace plan

Palestinian displeasure with President Trump may render peace proposal still-born.

By World Israel News Staff

Speaking at a conference on Jerusalem in Ramallah on Wednesday, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, reiterated his stance that the Palestinian Assembly will not accept any  peace proposal proffered by the Trump Administration.

“We honestly will not wait for anything from them, and we will not accept anything from them,” Abbas said.

President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and his accelerated timetable to move the US Embassy to the city angered the Palestinians, as well as many in the Muslim world. Since then, relations between the US and the PA would best be described as ‘chilly’.

For its part, a White House official acknowledged that the much anticipated plan, dubbed by the President as the ‘deal of the century’ is facing a “disconnect” with the Palestinians, which he further described as “not a small blip”.

At present, the details of the plan remain unknown, although it is believed to be in the final phase of development and could be unveiled in the near future. However, the decision to release the plan will be complicated by President Abbas’ insistence that no US proposal will be considered by his government.

President Trump and his advisors will have to weigh the value of floating the plan with the knowledge that the Palestinians have declared it dead on arrival. The PA feels that the White House is biased against the Palestinians and incapable of offering a proposal that is even-handed. White House officials dispute this charge, often remarking that there are provisions in the plan that both parties will find acceptable and others that they will find quite difficult.

The White House acknowledges that the disposition of Jerusalem remains a difficult issue and the recent ratcheting-up of tensions along the Israel-Gaza border by Hamas will further complicate the pursuit of peace.