Amazon attaches ‘Free Palestine’ sticker to package of Israeli flags, no apology

E-commerce titan tries to force customer to remove tweet, rather than apologize for employee’s behavior.

By World Israel News Staff

Amazon refused to apologize after an Israeli-Jewish customer was sent a package pf Israeli flags with a sticker reading “Free Palestine” attached to it.

Eyal Yakoby, a student at the University of Pennsylvania originally from Israel who is an activist for Jews on college campuses, ordered a package of small Israeli flags on poles, presumably to be placed in a yard.

An employee at Amazon’s warehouse attached a yellow sticker to the package, with a hand-written message reading “Free Palestine.”

Yakoby took a picture of the package and addressed Amazon on social media platform X.

“This is extremely unprofessional,” Yakoby wrote. “Amazon, please investigate your employees.”

Notably, Amazon’s response was to attempt to force Yakoby to remove his post.

The e-commerce giant sent a reply to Yakoby warning him that he had personally identifying information in his tweet, which appeared to be false as Yakoby had cropped his address out of the photo of the package. Amazon then provided Yakoby for instructions on how to delete his tweet.

“For further help, please contact our customer support,” read the final message from Amazon.

The company did not offer an apology to Yakoby.

Since the unprecedented terror onslaught, Amazon has remained silent regarding the fate of an Israeli employee who was kidnapped on October 7th.

Sasha Trufanov, 30, was kidnapped from his family’s home in Kibbutz Nir Oz more than eight months ago.

Trufanov, along with his mother, grandmother, and girlfriend, were all taken to the Gaza Strip.

His father, Vitaly, was murdered by terrorists during the massacre on the kibbutz.

In December 2023, Trufanov’s girlfriend, mother, and grandmother were released in a prisoner exchange, but he is still being held by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group.

Recently, Trufanov appeared in two propaganda videos published by PIJ, one of which included a proof-of-life which indicated he was alive as of early May 2024.