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Syria civil war

Iran commands 25,000 fighters in Syria, Israeli official says

Avi Dichter, a former director of the Shin Bet (Israel's Security Agency) and chair of Israel's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said that Iran has thousands of fighters in Syria in an effort to suppress the forces opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
November 6, 2016
Admiral Kuznetsov

Israel alarmed by Russia’s military buildup in Syria

Israel is greatly concerned by the arrival of a Russian carrier that can detect all military movements in Israel, essentially exposing all Israeli military activities and can convey the information to hostile parties, such as Iran.
November 3, 2016
IDF medical

IDF to train UN Peacekeepers in life-saving techniques

Recognized for its vast experience in emergency medical care and first aid, and its international humanitarian efforts with numerous missions to disaster zones, Israel has been chosen to teach first-response skills to members of the UN peacekeeping forces.
November 2, 2016
Netanyahu Knesset

Israeli Arab lawmakers storm out of Knesset session 

As Israel's Knesset winter session got underway, Israeli-Arab lawmakers stormed out in an attempt to make a show over a plan by other factions to boycott their speeches for their refusal to attend the funeral of the late Shimon Peres.
November 1, 2016
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

UN human rights chief slammed over call to boycott Israeli businesses

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon slammed the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein for his demand that the UN boycott Israeli and international companies with ties to Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.
October 9, 2016
anti Israel BDS

Bank of Ireland closes BDS-linked accounts

While Ireland is considered a fairly BDS-friendly country, recent anti-boycott legislation in the United States has discouraged the Bank of Ireland from cooperating with the anti-Israel movement.
October 5, 2016
celtic hapoel game

European Football Association disciplines Scottish team for anti-Israel demo

After fans of Glasgow’s Celtic soccer team broke the law and flew Palestinian flags at an August Champions league game against a visiting Israeli team, the Union of European Football Associations found the Celtic team guilty and fined it over its fans’ anti-Israel demonstrations.
September 29, 2016

Fmr. PM Olmert gets another 8 months in prison

Israel's High Court of Justice on Wednesday rejected an appeal by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in one of his several corruption cases, sending him to prison for another eight months.
September 28, 2016
Stas Misezhnikov

Israel to charge former officials with corruption

Israel has a strong, robust democracy and its judicial system works to ensure that those who are guilty of crimes, including government officials, are charged, sentenced and jailed.
September 27, 2016
Jerusalem fire

36 injured in Jerusalem fire following explosion

A blaze that broke out Sunday night in a nine-story residential building in the neighborhood of Givat Mordechai in Jerusalem lightly injured 36 people, mostly from smoke inhalation.
September 19, 2016
Netanyahu Obama

Netanyahu to meet Obama next week in NY

The two leaders are expected to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Middle East as well as the way to advance peace and security in the region.
September 19, 2016
Inbal Pezaro

Israeli Paralympic swimmer wins 3rd medal

Israeli Paralympic swimmer Inbal Pezaro won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games after finishing third place in the 200-meter individual medley race on Wednesday.
September 18, 2016