Gaza activist behind anti-Hamas protests nearly beaten to death

Amin Abed is in critical condition after a group of Hamas security personnel set upon him with batons and knives.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

An anti-Hamas activist was severely beaten in Gaza Monday by Hamas terrorists, leaving him in critical condition in a northern Gaza hospital.

After the attack on Amin Abed, his father wrote about the beating on Facebook but did not say who the perpetrators were.

Other Gazans had no such compunctions.

“Hamas militants brutally kidnapped Palestinian political activist Amin Abed, viciously assaulting him with batons and striking him on the head with sharp tools. He is now in critical condition in the hospital, fighting for his life,” human rights activist Ihab Hassan wrote on X.

“Our hearts go out to Amin as he battles to survive this brutal attack,” the Palestinian Christian added.

A friend of the victim, Amer Balousha, said that more than 20 masked men set upon Abed, and when people on the street tried to stop them, they fired guns in the air and said they were from Hamas’ internal security apparatus.

Other Palestinians on social media added that the 35-year-old was kidnapped from the Jabalya area, and aired video of his father, Salah, shouting into a megaphone about the brutal assault as he walked along an almost empty street.

One of them wrote bluntly, “We didn’t know if [Abed] was alive or dead. Until when will people be silent about the crimes of Hamas?”

“It’s been 17 years already,” the man continued, referring to the length of time the Iranian terror proxy has held the Gaza Strip in its iron grip after overthrowing the Palestinian Authority in a violent coup in 2007.

A Fatah-affiliated activist bashed Hamas as well.

The crows of darkness and the anti-nationalist militias kidnap and attack the free lion, Amin Abed. This is the behavior of criminal gangs against anyone who disagrees with them,” he wrote.

The timing of the assault was not coincidental.

Abed had recently written a highly critical post on Facebook regarding Hamas’ prolongation of the war with Israel it had set off by its brutal October 7 invasion in which some 3,000 terrorists massacred 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals.

Hamas is “ready to give anything in exchange for the continuation of its rule over the hen that lays golden eggs for itself, its senior officials and their investments abroad,” he wrote.

“Hamas could have honestly said, ‘We’re ready to give up power in Gaza and withdraw from the arena in favor of a Palestinian entity capable of managing the Strip.’ Hamas could have thereby saved the people and property that are left. But Hamas is arrogant and is fighting until the last child,” Abed added.

“What is important to it is that Hamas remains in power and the PA will not be the law in Gaza again. What is this stupidity and political and humanitarian crime?”

Abed also seemingly called for a popular uprising, stating, “All that [Hamas] has left is to fight us now – knowing that what is required is the end of its reign.”

Videos on social media have attested that murmurings against Hamas have become more pronounced as the war drags on for a ninth month.

They have also shown the violence Hamas personnel have used against their own citizens in an attempt to terrorize them into submission.