Hezbollah claims it exposed an Israeli spying device

Hezbollah claims it exposed an Israeli spying device in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. 

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group announced it has uncovered an Israeli spying device at Barouk Mountain in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

The terror group stated Sunday that it exposed what it says was a listening post in an open space, claiming that Israel had remotely detonated the spying device to avoid its exposure.

Hezbollah provided no further details on the incident.

Israel has remained silent, and generally does not comment on such allegations.

There have been previous reports of alleged exposures of Israeli surveillance efforts within Lebanon.

Israel is known to conduct surveillance of Iranian-trained and funded Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon in order to protect the Jewish state from mega-attacks targeting men, women and children.

More than 100 people in Lebanon have been arrested since 2009 on suspicion of collaborating with the Israel.

By: World Israel News Staff