Israel slams Lebanon for freeing Hezbollah terrorists behind rocket attack

Terrorists’ release “underlines the extent of Iran’s and its proxy, Hezbollah’s, domination of local government and power in Lebanon.”

By TPS, World Israel News Staff

Following the quick release of the four Hezbollah terrorists who were responsible for shooting rockets towards Israel earlier this month, Israel’s Ambassador to the US and the United Nations Gilad Erdan blasted the decision in a letter to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and the Security Council.

The terrorists were released over the weekend by the Deputy Attorney General of the Lebanese Government on the order of a judge.

Earlier this month, the same Hezbollah terrorists were involved in firing 19 rockets into Israel from Lebanon. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted 10 of the rockets. Another six exploded in open spaces in Israel, and three fell short in Lebanon. No injuries or damage were caused by the attack.

In his letter to the UNSC, Erdan wrote that “the release of the four terrorists clearly smacks of politics, and underlines the extent of Iran’s and its proxy, Hezbollah’s, domination of local government and power in Lebanon. Moreover, such an act of impunity serves only to encourage further attacks on Israel, severely endangering regional stability and civilians on both sides of the Blue Line.”

He further pointed out that “these types of attacks – perpetrated from within populated areas using local Lebanese residents as human shields – imperil not only Israel and Israelis, but Lebanese civilians as well.”

He called on the Security Council “once again” to “condemn these grave violations unequivocally, and to denounce in no uncertain terms the Lebanese Government’s lack of action in this matter, in violation of its international obligations and in complicity with Iran and Hezbollah.”

The IDF revealed that Hezbollah terrorist Ali Kajak participated in the attack. The Lebanese Army said it arrested Kajak and another three terrorists involved in the rocket fire. However, footage posted on social media shows that he was released and greeted as a hero in his town.