Israeli ship hit by Iranian missile in Arabian Sea

The ship was struck by a missile as it passed between India and Iran.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

Another Israeli-owned container ship has been targeted by Iran on Thursday.

The ship, Lori, was hit by an Iranian missile in the Arabian Sea as it made its way from Tanzania to India, according to reports. It is Liberian-flagged and owned by XT Management, which is chaired by Israeli businessman Udi Angel.

The ship was struck by a missile as it passed between India and Iran.

The ship, manned by a foreign crew, was lightly damaged. No casualties or injuries were reported. The ship will continue to India for damage assessment, website N12 reports.

The attack on the Lori is the second attack on an Israeli cargo vessel in a month’s time. On Feb. 25, the Israeli ship Helios Ray was damaged in the Gulf of Oman. Israel placed the blame squarely on Iran.

Israel’s Channel 11 commentator Roy Sharon said on Thursday’s broadcast, “If indeed we’re talking about another attack by Iran, then we see it’s systematic, it’s not one instance, that they’re determined to take revenge, that they’re trying to take revenge and it’s likely to end in more serious results.”

“The most important thing to stress here is that they don’t spurn targets – they don’t focus just on military targets… or targets of the state … this is the crossing of a red line… they’re going after civilian targets.”

Sharon said if this is the case, then Israel will be forced to take steps that will “frighten” Iran from carrying out such attacks.

According to a recent Haaretz investigation, Israel has already carried out attacks on “several dozen Iranian oil tankers” over the years, costing Iran billions of dollars in damage.