Israel’s relations with China ‘purely economic,’ while India is ‘strategic partner,’ diplomat says

“India and Israel are two countries that respect the rule of law. Both countries are democratic,” Ambassador Malka said.

By The Algemeiner

Israel’s envoy to New Delhi sat down for an interview on Monday to discuss the Jewish state’s burgeoning ties with India.

Speaking with The Print journalist Shekhar Gupta on the “Off the Cuff” program, Ambassador Ron Malka commented, “There is unlimited scope of cooperation between India and Israel. We are ready to share technology on mutual trust and mutual respect.”

“Many challenges that we see in India look so familiar for me,” he added. “So many familiarities in challenges faced by Israel and India. We can learn from each other.”

“India and Israel are two countries that respect the rule of law,” Malka noted. “Both countries are democratic. And there is mutual trust and respect between them.”

Comparing Israel’s relations with India to those with China,  Malka pointed out “Our relationship with China is purely economic. India is our strategic partner. It is much more open. Even China knows our relationship with India is different.”

“We are now working on a new free trade agreement (FTA) with India,” Malka stated. “We’ll not flood Indian markets with our products.”

“Under the new free trade agreement (FTA), which we will announce in future, we are working at expanding our cooperation in trade,” he said.