Khamenei calls Palestinians to jihad, says peace plan will die sooner than Trump

Khamenei called for Palestinians to wage war on Israel and the U.S.

By World Israel News Staff

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Palestinians to wage jihad against Israel and said the Trump peace plan will die even sooner than President Donald Trump.

He made his remarks Wednesday in a Tehran speech marking the 41st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.

He also called on Palestinians to wage jihad against the U.S.

Khamenei said ‘The Americans are taking comfort in the belief that choosing a big name for the plot against the Palestinian nation will help it to succeed.” But that the “foolish and evil” scheme “has been working to their own detriment from the very beginning,” Iran’s PressTV reported.

He said that the plan “will definitely end in failure.”

“The Americans have made a deal with the Zionists over something that is not theirs [to give away in the first place]. Palestine belongs to Palestinians, and making decisions concerning it is exclusive to them,” he said.

“Who are you to make decisions for other people’s lands and homes? This indicates your evilness, cunning, and malevolent nature,” he added.

Khamenei then called for the implementation of Iran’s plan for the Palestinians – a referendum which would decide who would rule the Land of Israel. The referendum would include Palestinians the world over. Jews would be allowed to vote, but not those who are “immigrants” – meaning nearly all Israelis.

He posted the same message on Twitter on Wednesday:

“Conduct a poll of all Palestinians in the world, including Muslims, Christians & Jews —not immigrants who settled in the occupied lands— to choose a govt. That govt decide on immigrants & people like Netanyahu,” it read.

Khamenei also pledged his country’s support for the Palestinian armed struggle against Israel. He said that the Islamic Republic is obligated to support terror groups “in whatever manner and to whatever extent it can.”