Mob attacks kosher restaurant, yells ‘Get out of Germany, Jewish pigs’

A mob attacked a kosher restaurant in Germany, yelling “Get out of Germany, Jewish pigs.”

About a dozen assailants clad in black hurled rocks, bottles and a metal pipe at the Schalom kosher restaurant in Chemnitz, Germany, in late August, Die Welt and the Freie Presse reported Saturday.

The owner, Uwe Dzieballa, was injured in the shoulder, the reports said.

According to AFP, police in Saxony confirmed to Die Welt that they had received a complaint of the attack on the “Schalom” restaurant on the sidelines of anti-immigration demonstrations in response to the murder of a German man, allegedly by asylum seekers.

The full details of the attack, which was reported only two weeks after it happened, have not yet been revealed, although it appears to be one of the harshest anti-Semitic attacks perpetrated by the German far-right in many years, according to Ha’aretz.

A spokesman for the regional interior ministry said “a politically-motivated act with an anti-semitic background was the most plausible” explanation for the attack, AFP reported.