‘No excuses’ – Biden demands ceasefire, without hostage release

The president also slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s management of the war.

By World Israel News Staff

President Joe Biden called on Israel to implement an unconditional ceasefire, without making any demands of the Hamas terror group, including freeing at least some of the 133 hostages still held in the Gaza Strip.

Though Biden has been increasing the pressure on Israel for weeks, his latest statements mark a clear shift in his administration’s policy towards the ongoing war against Hamas.

“What I’m calling for is for the Israelis to just call for a ceasefire, allow for the next six, eight weeks, total access to all food and medicine going into the country,” Biden told Spanish-language TV station Univision in an interview which aired on Tuesday evening.

Biden’s statement is particularly notable due to the fact that he did not refer to conditions for the ceasefire, or make any demands whatsoever of Hamas, such as freeing Israeli captives who are being held in dire conditions.

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“I’ve spoken with everyone from the Saudis to the Jordanians to the Egyptians. They’re prepared to move in,” Biden said, speaking about providing additional humanitarian aid to the Strip.

“They’re prepared to move this food in. And I think there’s no excuse to not provide for the medical and the food needs of those people. It should be done now.”

The president also slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s management of the war.

“I think what he’s doing is a mistake,” Biden said of Netanyahu. “I don’t agree with his approach.”

Currently, Hamas is “studying” a ceasefire proposal brokered by the U.S.

Israel has already agreed on the main points of the deal, but Hamas claims it doesn’t meet their basic demands, including a permanent end to the war in Gaza.