Norwegian newspaper accuses Israel of starting the October 7th war with Hamas

Norway’s third largest newspaper walks back report claiming Israel – not Hamas – began the latest war with Gaza.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

Norway’s third largest newspaper, Dagbladet, recently ran a story about the Hamas terrorist massacre of Israeli border towns on October 7th, falsely accusing Israel of starting the current war.

This, despite the fact there is video evidence to document the surprise attack of thousands of armed Gaza terrorists.

The Oct 7th invasion was synchronized for an early Sabbath morning on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah.

After the Palestinian terrorists from Gaza broke through the security fence in dozens of locations and poured into Israel, they brutally attacked thousands of Israelis in their homes—men, women, and children, from mere babies to the elderly.

Over 1,200 Israelis were slaughtered, women were savagely raped, others were tortured, burned alive, or mutilated, and thousands were wounded in the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust. Over 240 people of all ages were taken hostage to Gaza, where some 239 of them they are still held, their condition and whereabouts unknown.

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In retaliation, the IDF is now attacking Gaza, in part to destroy Hamas terror leaders and military strongholds, in part to attempt the rescue of the hostages.

Liad Scharf, an Israeli who formerly resided in Norway took to social media to ask: “How can (Dagbladet) say this?…These correspondents…knew full well they were lying.”

Israeli Ambassador to Norway, Avi Nir-Feldklein, posted on X to condemn the Dagbladet accusation: “…Israel started the war? Who? This 9-month-old baby that was kidnapped by the genocidal #terror organization and being held already for 43 days as hostage? What about respect for #journalism? What about your responsibility (to) your readers and for facts and truth?”

The paper later folded to public pressure, editing a subsequent article to read: “Ever since Israel went to war with Hamas, in response to the terrorist attack on October 7, they have asked the Palestinians to flee south of the Wadi Gaza river.”

The remainder of the article details the humanitarian situation facing Gazans, who were evacuated from the northern Gaza strip.

Dagbladet ignores the fact that the evacuation is a humanitarian gesture by Israel. Gaza civilians are thus protected from the IDF bombing of Hamas terrorist headquarters, enclaves, and munitions depots. These have been intentionally imbedded by Hamas within civilian infrastructure, such as hidden in hospitals and schools.

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