Rabbi’s 7th-grade daughter finds swastika, message ‘you don’t belong here’

“That’s an emotional threat that may lead to a physical threat,” says the rabbi. The school says two boys have been identified and the incident is under investigation.

By World Israel News Staff

A 7th grader at Escobedo Middle School in Las Vegas, a rabbi’s daughter, came to school one day to find a note with a swastika and the words “you don’t belong here” on her desk, reports the local NBC News 3.

The father, Rabbi Craig Rosenstein, told a News 3 reporter that his daughter came home with the note, and that “apparently, there was a second picture that was a drawing of Hitler with his hand in the air and the Nazi salute and a swastika above that.”

His daughter, who was adopted, is also African American.

He said that he has spoken to school staff who say two boys have been identified and that the incident is being investigated.

In a statement to News 3, a district spokesperson wrote in part, “The school is taking this incident seriously and appropriate staff has been in contact with the student’s parents. Racially motivated incidents are never tolerated in the Clark County School District.”

“When there’s a phrase that says, ‘You don’t belong here,’ that to me is terrorism,” said the rabbi to News 3. “That’s an emotional threat that may lead to a physical threat,” he added.

The rabbi tweeted: “If this can happen to my kid, it can happen to yours. This needs to stop!”