Wrong word during race call may get ESPN announcer fired

LaMont was overheard dismissing the call to his wife as “venting.”

By David Isaac, World Israel News

ESPN play-by-play announcer Dave LaMont thought his phone was on mute.

During a two-hour call on the sports cable channel on June 9 to discuss race, LaMont was overheard dismissing the call to his wife as “venting.”

ESPN’s Maria Taylor, who is black, was discussing her experiences when LaMont made his remark. Taylor confronted LaMont on the call and warned him to stop, which he did.

In a statement to The New York Post, LaMont said, “A comment was made to my wife that was overheard on the college football call, offending some who heard it.”

He then apologized. “We have a racially integrated home and I respect and admire those who spoke up about their experiences. I profusely apologize to everyone on the call.”

LaMont had taken into his home Tedarrell Slaton, who is black, when he was in high school. Slaton now plays football for the University of Florida. To show his appreciation for the LaMont family, he has a tattoo that says, “Family shows no color,” the Post reports.

Nevertheless, LaMont’s comment might cost him his job.

“We took this matter very seriously, both in the moment and subsequently, and have addressed it appropriately,” ESPN said, according to The New York Post. “Consistent with policy, we have no plans to publicly share the specifics involving individual personnel matters.”

Post sources say ESPN’s human resources department is now handling the matter.

LaMont has worked for ESPN for 16 years, covering college football and basketball, as well as professional bowling.

If fired, LaMont would be the latest victim of what has been dubbed the “cancel culture,” in which people with whom others disagree are stripped of their positions, boycotted or publicly shamed.