‘Zionist Piece of Sh*t’ – Anti-Israel mob harasses Quentin Tarantino

Anti-Israel mob, led by social media personality, harass filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, calling him a “Zionist piece of sh*t.’

By World Israel News Staff

Award-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was harassed by an anti-Israel mob recently, while dining at a New York city restaurant.

On Saturday, internet personality “Crackhead Barney,” a New York-based performance artist, uploaded footage of the encounter.

Crackhead Barney’s real name and personal details are unknown.

During the incident, Crackhead Barney can be heard leading chants of “Free Palestine” while confronting Tarantino as he ate at the Che Li restaurant.

Without explanation for her comments, Crackhead Barney asked the filmmaker rhetorically: “Quentin Tarantino, why are you a Zionist piece of shit?”

“Going to Israel?” she continued. “Tarantino, say, ‘N*gger’.”

As he left the eatery, Crackhead Barney and other members of the mob stuck their feet on Tarantino’s limousine, shouting “Toes, toes, toes.”

Tarantino, 61, is married to Daniella Pick, 40, daughter of Israeli singer Svika Pick.

An outspoken supporter of the Jewish state, Tarantino has visited Israel multiple times, including a surprise solidarity visit to southern Israel just days after the October 7th invasion of southwestern Israel.

“I love the country, and the people are really nice, very nice to me, and they seem excited that I’m here,” Tarantino said of Israel during a 2021 interview with comedian Bill Maher.

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This is not the first time Crackhead Barney has expressed anti-Israel sentiments while targeting celebrities.

In April, she confronted actor Alec Baldwin at a New York coffee shop, demanding he say the phrase: “Free Palestine.”

“‘Free Palestine, Alec, just one time and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll leave you alone, I swear, just say free Palestine one time,’” she said.

In 2021, Crackhead Barney blasted Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, over his support for Israel.