Coalition heads warn attorney general that ordering Netanyahu’s suspension is akin to a coup

“Such a move for an incumbent leader is a clearly illegal attempt to oust an elected and legal government.”

By World Israel News Staff

Coalition heads have charged Israel’s Attorney General of orchestrating a coup after reports emerged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be suspended over a conflict of interest in the ongoing judiciary affair.

According to the Kan broadcaster, Gali Baharav-Miara is mulling an order for Netanyahu to take a leave of absence from the premiership amid plans for a judicial reform on the basis that his involvement constitutes a conflict of interest resulting from his ongoing corruption trial. Baharav-Miara denied the reports.

“Recently, several news items were published in the press which state that you are holding discussions regarding the possibility of forcing the Prime Minister of Israel to ‘take a leave of absence.’ To our astonishment, you have not denied these reports until now,” the letter reads.

“An attempt to declare or announce such a move for an incumbent leader is a clearly illegal attempt to oust an elected and legal government, without an iota of justification by the law,” the coalition heads warn.

Baharav-Miara and legal experts in her office are examining a 2021 ruling by Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer which states that only the attorney general has the authority to make such a call, Kan reported.

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Justice Minister Yariv Levin’s proposal for judicial reform includes changes to the manner in which justices are chosen, reducing unelected legal advisors’ ability to influence government decisions, and clearly defining under which circumstances the court is allowed to intervene in legislative matters are also part of the potential reform.

It also proposes a “override clause” which would allow the Knesset to re-legislate laws that the Supreme Court had struck down, pending a 61-MK majority.