Corbyn slams Israeli ‘war crimes’ at London pro-Palestine rally

Former Labour Party leader refuses to condemn Hamas terror, but specifically blasts the Israeli military for actions in Gaza.

By World Israel News Staff

Jeremy Corbyn, the disgraced former leader of the Labour Party who has maintained close ties with members of Hamas for years and refuses to call the group a terrorist organization, was warmly received by the crowd when speaking at a pro-Palestine rally in London on Saturday.

Corbyn, who was forced out of his leadership role after an internal investigation discovered he had fostered an atmosphere of intense antisemitism within the left-wing party, spoke to the thousands of protesters who gathered outside BBC headquarters.

While Corbyn acknowledged the “young people who died in the Negev desert,” in a reference to the Nova Festival massacre. He did not mention that they were hunted down, kidnapped, raped and murdered by Hamas.

However, Corby specifically mentioned the ‘the ‘young people killed by Israeli forces in Gaza at the moment,” singling out the IDF by name.

“It is right to condemn the killings that have happened, it is right to condemn the targeting of civilians, which is of course a war crime within international law,” said Corbyn, again glossing over the large-scale slaughter of civilians carried out by terror groups.

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“It is also right to condemn the occupation of Palestine by Israeli military forces,” he added.

“To the political leaders of this country, do not condone war crimes…. if you believe in international law and human rights then you must condemn what is happening now in Gaza by the Israeli army,” he emphasized.

Reporters from UK outlet Jewish News noted that some in the crowd chanted “Khybar, Khybar Ya Yehud,” a chant referencing an enormous massacre of Jews in Saudi Arabia committed by early Muslims.

Others carried banners and signs which appeared to excuse Hamas terror, stating that Palestinians have the right to “resist Zionism by any means necessary.”