Hamas and Hezbollah terror leaders meet in Lebanon

Israel’s enemies from the north and from the south are tightening their cooperation. 

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah met on Wednesday in Beirut with the deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau Sheikh Saleh Al-Aarouri, as the two terror groups work to tighten their relationship and coordinate their war against Israel.

Nasrallah offered his condolences to Hamas, who lost several operatives on Tuesday after a terror tunnel running form the Gaza Strip into Israel was demolished by the IDF.

Nasrallah confirmed “the convergence between the resistance movements, voicing solidarity in the face of the Israeli aggression,” the Hezbollah-linked Al-Manar reported.

Nasrallah also called Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ramadan Abdollah Shallah to offer his “deep condolences” while “hailing the steadfastness of the mujahidin (Islamic fighters).”

The terror tunnel destroyed by the IDF was built by Islamic Jihad, and several of its operatives were killed in the aftermath, including two senior field commanders.

In the phone call, Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah “stands by the resistance movements in Palestine, denouncing the recent Zionist aggression on Gaza.”

This meeting comes a few months after Iran, Hezbollah’s main supporter, and Hamas agreed to restore diplomatic relations to the level at which they were before the Syrian civil war, when the sides broke off their close ties.

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In recent years, Iran has broadened its influence in the Middle East by supporting its terrorism network and unifying the ranks operating against Israel.

By: World Israel News Staff