IDF preps for invasion of Lebanon – Report

Israel reportedly preparing for major invasion of southern Lebanon as Hezbollah attacks continue.

By World Israel News Staff

While the Israeli army expands counter-terror operations in the Gaza Strip aimed at ousting Hamas from power, the military is simultaneously gearing up for a potential conflict with Hezbollah along the northern border with Lebanon.

According to a report from Hebrew-language media outlet Ma’ariv, several brigades have prepared for a “boots on the ground” invasion of southern Lebanon, in order to root out Hezbollah from the area.

A senior IDF official told Ma’ariv that several brigades of combat soldiers, who had previously fought in Gaza, recently completed operational training for war in Lebanon.

“There are operational considerations regarding timing, what targets to attack, and when. You can see that currently we’re hitting them seriously, whether it’s targeting terrorists or significant infrastructure,” said Lt. Col. B, who was identified by only his first initial.

“We are continuing to keep Hezbollah vulnerable, and not play all of our cards at once.”

Lt. Col. B said that while he “can’t provide numbers” regarding Israel’s firepower capabilities for battling Hezbollah in an all-out war, he did say that the IDF’s plans for the terror group “are robust.”

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In a statement, the IDF’s Northern Command stressed that the military’s focus remains in Gaza, but that troops are ready for an escalation on the northern front.

Once a “political decision is made to refocus on the north and expand the battle there, of course the type and scope of our attacks will increase accordingly,” the division said in a media statement.

“We are still in intense fighting but within the framework of what a political level allows to do. The same exercises we did at the end of last month were designed to practice for escalation” with Hezbollah, they added.

Last week, Hezbollah rocket and missile launches sparked massive fires in northern Israel, burning tens of thousands of acres of land and damaging homes and businesses.