Israeli counter-terrorism unit foils Hebron terror cell

Police counter-terrorism forces teamed up with the IDF to arrest a Palestinian terror cell.

Following up on an intelligence tip from the Israel Security Agency, also known as Shin Bet, IDF fighters joined forces with members of the Israeli police counter-terrorism unit. The combined team honed in on a Palestinian terror cell on Thursday after intensive preparation.

The joint operation resulted in the arrest of five Hebron-area Palestians, who were apprehended in Al-Azariya, which sits in an area controlled by the Palestinian Authority. This town is located not far from Jerusalem and was the site of rioting during the Temple Mount crisis in July of this year. According to the Palestinian health ministry a protester, from Al-Azariya died as a result of injuries he sustained during violent protests in the area.

The suspects arrested during the Thursday raid were taken for questioning, as the police continue to piece together the outline of the cell’s plans. The unit involved in the operation is an elite police force called Yamam, which specializes in counter-terrorism.

The Shin Bet reportedly came into possession of “concrete information regarding an attack” that the terror cell was planning, according to a report by Arutz Sheva. The terror cell was a “ticking time-bomb,” reported Channel 10. It appears that the five suspects were in the process of planning an imminent attack on Israelis.

By: World Israel News Staff/TPS