Israeli reporters faced ‘lynch mob’ attack by Arabs in Jaffa

While covering the funeral of an Arab killed fleeing a crime scene, an Israeli reporter and cameraman became the victims of an Arab mob’s rage.

In a horrific attack during an Arab funeral procession, two Israelis found themselves at the center of what they could only subsequently describe as a “lynch mob.” The two Israelis, reporter Gilad Shalmor and photographer Gal Zeitman of Israel’s Channel 2, received a savage beating after arriving in Jaffa to document the funeral of a young Arab who was killed by police as he fled a crime scene over the weekend.

The reporter and cameraman made their way to the center of the procession, which involved aggressive shouts of “Allahu akbar.” Before Shalmor and Zeitman knew what was happening, a group of Arabs surrounded them and began kicking and punching them until they fell to the ground.

According to a report by Arutz Sheva, Zeitman posted his painful account on Facebook, detailing the ordeal and the sense of panic he and his co-worker experienced as they realized none of the other attendees had any intention of helping them escape the bloodthirsty mob.

Shalmor also took to social media, posting his own account of the events. According to Shalmor, the Arab attackers punched, kicked and even bit him. Eventually, Shalmor and Zeitman were able to stumble to safety, their clothes bloodied and equipment shattered.

Shalmor was rushed to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital, where doctors treated his broken ribs, injured eye, and other bodily contusions.

The Jaffa attack on these two journalists represents the latest episode in close to two weeks worth of Palestinian and Israeli-Arab violence and terror attacks, which also include the slaughter of three Jewish family members in their home on Sabbath and the murder of two Israeli policemen involved in routine duty on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

By: World Israel News Staff