Outrageous poll: Should Canada impose sanctions on Israel over violence in ‘Palestine’?

A viciously anti-Israel piece included the poll as well as a video post of Prime Minister Trudeau slamming Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

Following the violent Palestinian rioting in the Old City of Jerusalem last week, Yahoo News Canada gave voice to an anti-Israel activist who called on Canada to “impose meaningful sanctions on Israel.”

As noted by Honest Reporting Canada, the biased article offered no counterviews regarding who should be held responsible for the rioting before asking readers if they agreed with the statement that Canada should “impose sanctions on Israel over the violence in Palestine?”

“Setting aside the article’s falsely claiming that Jerusalem is a part of ‘Palestine’, only Israel was singled out for censure in this article and corresponding poll, while Palestinian terror groups and the Iranian regime which funds terror proxies in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria were therefore deemed unworthy of sanctions,” Honest Reporting Canada wrote in a press release.

Furthermore, the watchdog continues, “With over 100 rockets having been fired at Israel over Passover and on the heels of the murder of two British-Israeli sisters and their mother and an Italian tourist by Palestinian terrorists, shame on Yahoo News Canada for producing anti-Israel news coverage and a biased poll on whether Canada should sanction Israel.”

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The article included several tweets condemning Israel, including a video post of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying Canadians are “extremely concerned about the direction the Israeli government is taking.”

“We need to see Israel shifting in its approach, and Canada is saying that as a dear and close and steadfast friend of Israel,” he said.

While mentioning the “violence surrounding Al-Aqsa,” Trudeau insinuating it was completely the fault of the Israelis.