Four young victims of truck-ramming attack have been identified

The terrorist, inspired by ISIS, and the four young victims who lost their lives in a Jerusalem truck-ramming attack were identified. Israeli leaders vow to fight the scourge of Islamic terror.

The perpetrator of the truck-ramming attack Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem, which claimed the lives of four young soldiers and wounded at least 15, two seriously, is an Arab-Israeli from eastern Jerusalem with apparent connections to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

The Jerusalem terrorist was identified as 28-year-old Fadi al-Qanbar from the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, a hotbed of terror.

The four dead victims, all IDF soldiers, are: Lt. Yael Yekutiel, 20, from Givatayim; Shir Hajaj, 22, from Ma’aleh Adumim; Shira Tzur, 20, from Haifa, and Erez Orbach, 20, from Alon Shvut.

Observers have noted the similarity between the Jerusalem attack and similar deadly attacks in 2016 in Nice and in Berlin, both committed by ISIS.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman visited the site of the attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv, where they were briefed by Jerusalem District Police Commander Yoram Halevy.

‘Same Pattern Inspired by ISIS’

Truck-ramming terror victim

Victim Erez Orbach, 20 (IDF Spokesperson)

“We in Jerusalem have just experience an unprovoked terrorist attack, a murderous attack that claimed the lives of four young Israelis and wounded others. This is part of the same pattern inspired by Islamic State, by ISIS, that we saw first in France, then in Germany and now in Jerusalem. This is part of the same ongoing battle against this global scourge of the new terrorism. We can only fight it together, but we have to fight it, and we will,” Netanyahu stated.

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“This brutal attack is obviously not because of any other reason but one: because we are Jews and we live here in Israel,” Liberman declared. “There was no other reason, and no need to look for an excuse – not Jewish settlements and negotiations, but an attack inspired by ISIS.

“We saw that in France, we saw it in Berlin, and unfortunately, we saw it today in Jerusalem,” he continued. “We will fight this terrorism with all tools at our disposal, and I’m sure that will win.”

‘Terrorist’s Body Will Never Be Returned’

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan vowed that the terrorist’s body will never be returned, but “will be buried but only by the security forces and in a place to which the family and his supporters will not have access,” Times of Israel reported.

Truck-ramming terror victim

Victim Shir Hajaj, 20 (IDF spokesperson)

“This was an atrocious, painful and especially serious attack which could lead to other copycat attacks. We will not allow this vile terrorist or his family to hold a funeral where he is treated with honor, encouraging other attacks,” Erdan stated.

“I am departing now on a state visit to Georgia though my heart remains in Israel, and it is a heavy heart indeed,” President Reuven Rivlin said in a statement. “I and Nechama send our support to the families who have lost those most dear to them, and offer strength to the injured being treated in hospital. On my return, I will visit the families.

“We had not thought for a moment that terror would not once again rear its ugly head, nor will we be broken this time either, but will continue to stand tall, and fight against terrorism,” he added. “I send my support to the security services, who are working all the time against this threat, and now especially.”

By: World Israel News Staff