UK Labour Party divulges members’ tweets rife with anti-Semitism

Following the resignation of nine party representatives over rampant anti-Semitism, U.K. Labour revealed 50 new complaints related to Jew-hatred expressed by party members on Twitter.

By World Israel News Staff

Speaking on Sunday on “The Andrew Marr Show,” U.K. Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson urged party boss Jeremy Corbyn to address “a crisis for the soul of the Labour party,” which has been rocked in recent years by an anti-Semitism scandal it cannot seem to contain.

Watson announced on Marr’s show that he had received 50 anti-Semitism complaints from colleagues in the past week alone based on overt expressions of Jew-hatred on Twitter, which he sent directly to Corbyn.

The Guardian published a sampling of the tweets, in which Labour Party members expressed sentiments like, “Jews murder people and children,” “don’t know what runs through [Jews’] veins, not human blood,” and “[Jews’] hearts and brains [are] totally devoid of humanity.”

One member tweeted, “Wonder why Jewish people are hated wherever they’ve settled over last 2000 years. Their double dealing, back stabbing, cheating chilling coldness has always only one outcome. I wonder what the average period of time is before people fed up with the anti-social Jews kick em out.”

In response, Watson told Marr, “[Corbyn] needs to take a personal lead in reviewing those cases, and recommending to the national executive committee what needs to be done.”

Corbyn, for his part, has been accused repeatedly of being an anti-Semite by figures like former Chief Rabbi of the U.K. Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton also leveled criticism at Corbyn, stating that he appears as if he is “somebody who doesn’t like Jewish people.”

In addition to participating in a memorial to terrorists involved in the murder of 11 Israelis at the Munich Olympics in 1972, Corbyn has also referred to members of the terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends.”

Over the past several weeks, nine members have quit the Labour Party in protest of its alleged failure to adequately address anti-Semitism within its ranks.